YoSushi Sushi School

I feel like sushi is a bit of a divisive topic You either love it or hate it. You either love the raw fish or look at in disgust. The same goes for wasabi but I feel like that is just a whole other blog post!!

Personally, I love the stuff. But, it’s not the choice between a California roll or Salmon nigiri that gets me excited. I love the whole experience of going for Sushi, especially somewhere like YoSushi. The environment is super jolting with its bright colours and conveyer belt service system! 

Last month the teams at Intu Metrocentre and YoSushi invited me along to one of their Sushi Schools. Essentially, they are sushi making classes for adults! They are open to everyone and you do not need any prior sushi-making knowledge, which was definitely a plus here! 

We arrived at the counter to this selection of utensils you see below. It included a BIG bowl of sushi rice, a rolling mat (that we got to keep! Yay!), gloves and different condiments like sesame seeds, chilli powder and Soy. 

Our instructor Ailitz took note of any dietary requirements, asked us to apply our gloves, which she the oiled-up with sesame Oil and off we went! I will pause here to say that the instructors, Ailitz and Joy were spectacular! They were fun, super knowledgable and so helpful when it came to the technique! 

Take a look below to see the Sushi we made!

The first setup you see here was for a chicken and avocado Sushi roll. We popped all the ingredients in, rolled it up into one big sushi roll. It was then chopped up to make the rolls like you see on the conveyor belt! I was actually super proud of this one! 

Next on the list we made tofu Maki. These are the little square ones that you usually see in a selection of 6. 

Finally, we brought out the salmon and I could NOT have been more excited. Salmon is one of my all time favourites!! We went on to make a Salmon and Avocado Hand Roll (which was definitely one of the harder options technique-wise) and an absolute classic, Salmon Nigiri. 

Once we had made all of our delicious Sushi, the kind team members cut them all up and boxed them in our very own takeaway box, which we then ate as we walked through the Metrocentre, got to the car, on the trip home, when we got home and then the next day!!! 

The Sushi School was SO much fun. It would be perfect as a birthday party, hen-do activity or even as a first date!! Sushi School classes cost £30 a head or £50 for two and last around 90 minutes to 2 hours. 

You can head over to yosushi.com/sushi-school if you want to get booking!! 

A massive thank you again to the teams at Intu Metrocentre and YoSushi Yellow Mall for inviting us out! 

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