Plant Power Day with Alpro

Last year, Alpro created the UK’s first ever ‘Plant Power Day’! On the same day this year, March 7th 2019, Alpro is again calling out to the UK’s residents to feature veggies at the staple of their meal and introduce plant-based foods into their diet!

That’s right!  There is now ONE WHOLE day dedicated to inspiring people to put plants first! Alpro have done this with the intention that if people see how easy and delicious their meal options can be, just for one day, making plant-based choices more people may start featuring them more often in the future.

This can only mean good things, not just for humans but for the planet! I want to take the opportunity in this post to look at non-dairy alternatives and see the impact they are really having.

Let’s consider the small alternative of changing the dairy milk used on cereal for a plant-based alternative, during an individuals breakfast. Alpro currently have an incredibly wide range of non-dairy alternative milks from Oat to multiple variations of Almond Milk.

Screenshot 2019-02-23 at 19.17.56.png

Producing a glass of dairy milk every day for a year requires 650 sq m (7,000 sq ft) of land, the equivalent of two tennis courts and more than 10 times as much as the same amount of oat milk, according to this study. (BBC, 2019)

Making a small change from dairy milk to oat milk could reduce the impact on emissions land use and water use by almost a half! A win for humans, a win for the planet!

One element of this research that really shocked me, was the water usage needed to create Almond Milk. For a 200ml glass of Almond Milk, manufacturers have to use EIGHTY LITRES of water. Although curving emissions and land use, it still goes to show that it is difficult to achieve balance across all impact areas.

As part of their Plant Power Day, Alpro have been researching the market dynamics behind the steady growth individuals identifying as having a plant-based diet.

The world is currently trying to catch up with an expanding population which is leading to a notable strain of the natural resources available to us all.

According to Alpro’s market and industry research, transitioning to a Plant Based-diet could reduce food-related greenhouse gas emissions by anywhere between 29-79% (Alpro, 2019). Further to this, if all individuals looked to reduce the amount of animal produce in their diet, 650-million hectares would be saved.

The interest in plant-based diets and non-dairy milk alternatives, spikes every January with the occurrence of Veganuary. Alpro have research that committing to one plant-based day a week can look to save the same amount of water as 30 showers!! Wow!!

Simply by looking at the Dairy Milk example provided by the BBC, it is clear that plant-based diets can have some benefit on the environment. I would love to know your thoughts. Is this something you have adapted? Do you dedicated one day a week to plant based resources?

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