Valentines Day Sweet Treats

Picture the scene…

It’s February 14th. You’ve bought a delectable, sweet treat for your beloved.

You give it to them. So excited to see their reaction.

BUT what you haven’t realised is that your beloved is dairy free and can not eat said sweet treat otherwise they’ll 💩


If your love is particularly sensitive to dairy, gluten or has stuck to Veganuary, I have a couple of choices for you below, that may just help with this quest!

Firstly, we have the gorgeous gourmet selection of Booja-Booja chocolate truffles. These melt in the mouth treats are 100% vegan, as well as dairy, gluten and soya free!

I would definitely recommend checking out the website!

The team here are incredible and do some really amazing things with their suppliers, donations to multiple charities and having this incredibly mantra;

Booja-Booja is the feeling, the sound that flows with first bite …
It’s pleasurable oneness with all that is arising … pure enjoyment
It’s partying till sane … and not a moment longer
It’s noticing we are not in paradise … and loving anyway
It’s lying guiltless on sumptuous pillows … mere delight.
Melt in the pure happiness and simple joy of Booja-Booja and …
Relax; nothing is under control.

Next up we have the luxe Finnish brand, Goodio. Hailing from Helsinki their sweet range is made of organic, raw and wild ingredients.

The best bit?

No white sugar, and low production temperatures ensure a rich taste making an rich, profound chocolate. Their chocolate is;

  • Vegan, Paleo & No Additives
  • Non-GMO, Gluten-free & Soy-Free
  • Nordic Design Packaging & Guilt-Free Treat

A perfect option for your love!

Finally, on to one of my personal favourites, Doisy & Dam! Their sweet treats are gluten free, vegan, include ethical cacao and are all made here in the UK.

They also have absolutely amazing flavours such as Date and Himalayan Salt and Coconut & Lacuma; both of which are available in their Valentines Day Special!

Hopefully you’ve got some inspiration from this little selection and you find something to suit every taste!

Happy Valentines Day! ❤️

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