The Popcorn Shed: Review

Want to know a fun fact?

National Popcorn Day is celebrated in the UK on January 19th! To celebrate this momentous occasion I wanted to shout out Laura and Sam from the England based company The Popcorn Shed.

A little bit about the guys first and foremost! After trialling and testing some of the most fabulous and yummy popcorn combinations in their home kitchen they decided to make a job of it and open their own company!!! How amazing, making popcorn for a living!!!

What I really love about the team over at the Popcorn Shed is how they create their products! They are a gluten-free popcorn company who use all natural ingredients and have put a ton of effort into making popcorn feel fancy!

From their incredible flavour combinations to their presentation, I can not speak highly enough of the team or their incredible popcorn.

As a kind gesture, the Popcorn Shed sent me a really generous selection of their products over the holidays. It did not take long for it to be pretty much inhaled by my entire family!

From a flavour perspective, there really is something for everyone! My husband absolutely loved the ’Say Cheesus’ and ’Salted Caramel’ whilst I was particularly partial to a handful of ’Pop n Choc’.

If you are popping to the cinema or having a cosy night in, this popcorn is a real treat and definitely something you should check out if you are into the kernels!

Again a massive thank you to the team at the Popcorn Shed for gifting me such a lovely selection to try! I’ll pop all of their details at the bottom of this post!


3 Replies to “The Popcorn Shed: Review”

  1. haha, they’re brilliant! I can’t eaten gluten so always on the look out for some naturally gluten free snacks and these look perfect ☺️ Thanks for your review I will look out for them when shopping! x


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