Everything in moderation. 

So one day you’re going to the gym for 2 hours, eating a plate full of vegetables and then the next you’re on the sofa, you’ve had a mid-day nap and you’ve had a chocolate bar.

And don’t even get me started on when a period hits…


Today, I wanted to talk about balance.

We’ve all heard the expression, everything in moderation. Its a mantra I live by and a one that sometimes I think we need to more attention.

We’ve all been there, when we feel guilty about not going to the gym or when we feel like we’ve over indulged when in all reality, it doesn’t matter. It will all level out and your bodies equilibrium will be restored in the future.

Where I do agree that we should drink enough water, exercise often and watch what we eat, I also agree that this should not become the overarching focus of our lives.

As someone who has suffered with an eating disorder in the past, I am all to aware of the crushing guilt that comes with missing a gym session or going over a strict calorie count. I am have been there. I am just recently out.

But if the last few years ,hospital visits, worry and tears have taught me anything, its that balance is key.

With balance also comes the ability to say yes, but realise that you owe yourself a break.

With balance comes happiness and the feeling that you can enjoy both the slice of cake and the gym session in equal measure, without feeling that they are codependant.

Everything in moderation, they say.


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