TheDailyNutrition: Hydration

Water, water everywhere…and ALL of it to drink!

Welcome back to TheDailyNutrition.

In todays post we are going to be covering the much discussed topic of, hydration, More importantly, the importance of water in a balanced diet and how much your body actually needs.

Lets start with a couple of facts. Your body could survive, although no-one would enjoy it, without food for days to weeks. However, your body has a non-negotiable deal with loss of water.


Why is water important? 

Amongst other incredible benefits, water can act as the vehicle to carry its passengers (in this case, nutrients and other materials), drop them off and ensure that they make it inside safely (known as absorption!)

Water ensure that you can go Number 1 and Number 2 at the bathroom, helps regulate our body temperature and also keeps our joints and muscles lubed up.


How much should I be getting?

In fact at any one time your body is anywhere between 50-70% water and the RDA for women is around 1.6 litres daily, whilst men need around 2 litres. However if you are anything like me, my body needs more than that!

Our body does not store water, so when you wake up with a dry mouth its because you need to start a brand new supply of water every single day!

Is drinking water the only way to stay hydrated? 

No! According to the Institute of Medicine, 20% of your water intake comes from the food you eat.

Lettuce is around 90% water, whilst Watermelon is a massive 92% water! Grapefruit and (no surprise here) Cucumber are 90% water sources too, how amazing!

Not replacing the water we use can cause dehydration which can have some pretty nasty side effects. Remember that how physical you are will also dictate how much of the clear stuff you should be consuming!

The moral of the story, drink water!

Remember, balance is the key!








4 Replies to “TheDailyNutrition: Hydration”

  1. Great post Rachel, for me i need to drink alot of water for it to make a difference to my skin but my gosh does it make a difference. better than any creams or ointments. 2 litres of water a day is like the ultimate skincare routine. Just find myself going to the bathroom alot.


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