How I Use: Cacao Powder

Pronounced: Kah-Kow

Today we are going to be talking about Cacao Powder and how I use it in my every day recipes.

Cacao is a supplement loaded with Iron, Potassium, Copper and Magnesium. Found mostly in Powder form, it is great for general well-being including stress and tiredness relief but also boosts the immune system.

Cacao is a plant that has been used by everyone, going right back to the Aztec’s (who loved the stuff!)

It also helps that this Powder takes on a really chocolatey flavour when added to recipes and is an alternative loaded with health benefits and antioxidants.

I tend to use the brand Funktional Food’s when purchasing my Cacao Powder. You can find this in your local Aldi where they supply a 100g bag for the grand old price of £1.99!

If you are looking for a bit of a different option, Holland&Barrett stock a Cacao by the brand Naturya which comes in at £5.99 for a 125g bag.

The Naturya Cacao Powder is fairly and ethically traded in Peru. The Cacao pods are cut from trees and the Cacao pods are hand scooped for pressing!

Below is two quick methods on how I use this yummy, chocolatey Powder at home!

The Healthy Hot Chocolate.

Let’s start with a super easy one!

⁃ Take your favourite milk (dairy or non dairy)

⁃ Pour into a microwave-friendly cup and heat for around 2 minutes or until it is a temperature that suits.

⁃ Take a spoonful of your Cacao Powder and swirl into your milk creating a beautiful, chocolate milky heaven.

⁃ Sweeten if you like with a plant based sweetener such as Stevia

And there you have it! A quick and simple alternative to hot chocolate!

Cacao Powder Porridge

This is my current go-to breakfast choice. It is super quick and really does set me up for the day.

⁃ Take 150ml of your favourite milk (Dairy or non-dairy) and add 30g of your favourite porridge oats and add in a microwave-friendly bowl.

⁃ Take a spoonful of your Cacao Powder and mix with oats and milk.

⁃ Heat mixture in microwave until thick and creamy.

⁃ Drizzle with honey and add a handful of fruit or nuts.

The breakfast of champions!

I am constantly thinking of new ways around how to use this delicious Powder. I am currently testing it in Smoothies and definitely want to move to Cacao Powder Cookies soon! Mmmmmm!

Let me know how you use this yummy powder or if you have any suggestions!


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