What heavy bags did to my back…

Backpacks, yay!

So let me set the scene. Im about 18 and I’m getting my first ever massage. Its a back massage and I am stoked.

I lie on the table…do I take my bra off? (the answer is always yes haha!)

So, I get to the end of the massage and as I am lying face down on a comfy spa table the therapist starts to chat to me about how it all was and mentions very casually that I have a very slight curve in my spine. I was super shocked!

Having done Ballet from a very early age, I am incredibly aware of my posture and I never would have thought that I had a very slight curve. It is not something that is super noticeable or that causes me any pain but I know it was there!

Needless to say, every time I have a massage now it always come up but I have been given some advice over the years and surprisingly one of the answers is around the type of bag I use.

In an attempt to not make the curve any worse, I have been encouraged to use backpacks or bags that balance the weight on both of my shoulders, instead of putting a really heavy bag on one shoulder and continually putting strain on my back.

Because of this, I wanted to spend some time today discussing my favourite bag choices and my love of backpacks!

I will pop a quick disclaimer stating that, like many of you, I have a tendency to make my bag like that of Mary Poppins and carry my entire life in my bag! I try not too do this but sometimes you just don’t know when you might need that spare pair of trainers…

Maroon Ralph Lauren Backpack – £99.00

I received this backpack as a gift for Christmas and it has become my favourite backpack! The size of it is perfect and I can easily fit m iPad, purse, make up bag and bottle of water in there alongside a few other bits.

This bag comes in a few different colours but the Maroon is perfectly offset with the brown leather and gold zips. The material of the bag is nylon so it is easily cleaned if it comes in contact with something (which can often be the case!!)

The inside contains several pockets for phones and keys, a zip compartment a the bag and the front of the bag has a large zip area too for any of your wee bits that you want easy access too!

This is not a Primark price range bag but it is worth it if you fancy spending a little bit more on a back pack that you are going to wear often that you could dress up or down!

Primark Minnie Mouse Backpack – £10.00

If you are looking for a cheap and cheerful backpack with a wee magical touch, you can not go wrong with backpacks from Primark! Whilst getting married in the States last year, I got this Minnie Mouse backpack to take along for the ride.

It is a super soft aux leather material, with an open front pocket and two very cute little Mouse ears!

The cutest thing about this backpack is the key chain that comes with it featuring a iconic Mickey Mouse hand and his wee shorts! A perfect sized cute backpack AND they do it in a white Minnie Mouse version!

M&S Black Leather Crossover £17.00

I know I know this isn’t a backpack BUT it is the tiniest wee bag which means I can not absolutely overload it with general stuff meaning that it doesn’t get super heavy!!

I got this in the Christmas sale at M&S and I always get compliments when I wear it. The gold detailing on the chain and the buckle give it is a lovely sophisticated feeling and it goes well with most outfits.

As mentioned earlier, this is an incredibly small bag so it is great if you are going for a meal or a day out where you don’t need to carry a lot. This bag will not fit my purse so I usually take the cards I need, my drivers license, my lipstick and it just about fits my iPhone in there!!!

So there we go! A bit of history around why I love a good backpack but also why it might actually be good for you.

R x

One Reply to “What heavy bags did to my back…”

  1. I do love a backpack! I have two small ones that are more “fashion” than practicable but recently I’ve decided I need a bigger one for adventures, annoyingly I can’t really fit the sandwiches, water, camera, sunblock etc into a tiny fashion rucksack!

    OMG the Ralph Lauren bag is beautiful, I love it! I also really want to plan a trip to Disney and get one of those Primark Mickey Mouse bags, every time I see one I want to plan a trip!


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