Boots Natural Collection

Affordable make up, yay!

You know when you find that make up brand, who’s stuff you just love and you always go back too?

I discovered Natural Collection in Boots whilst in college. I had a part time job and did not have a lot of money to be splashing about on expensive make up!

Natural Collection’s cosmetic range starts at £1.99 and carries face, lip, eye and brow products.

BUT, before we carry on, I feel like I need to call out the elephant in the room.


I am not a beauty blogger. I can’t actually wear foundation because if I do, my skin reacts in horrible ways! So what I discuss here might work for me, but you may enjoy other bits or brands!

I love Natural Collection because they produce highly pigmented, long wearing facial powders, concealers and things that my little sensitive face can get away with (and I love that! 💕)

Here’s the finished article using the products…

I’ve been purchasing a few new bits and a couple of repurchases so let’s dive straight in!

Matte Pressed Powder (Warm)


As we’ve just discussed, my face is a no go for foundation or any type of cream coverage as I will definitely experience pore clogging and subsequent breakouts very quickly!

I have used a facial powder now for around 5 years. I constantly search for powders pigmented enough to cover any areas of concern and use either a kabuki brush (Smashbox do an excellent one!) or a make up sponge to really press the product in to my skin.

This powder is brilliant! I really like how finely milled it is, so it does not look drying on my skin and it lasts on my wee greasy forehead all day!!

I also enjoy being able to add more product around areas that get oily without looking like the product is building up.

Bronzing Powder (Copper)


I have used Mac bronzers for years, mostly in the colour Give Me Sun. However, I have really gone of the colour lately. I find the orange tone of Give Me Sun can look muddy and fake.

I was on the look out for a matte shade and picked this wee beauty up from Natural Collection in the colour Copper.

This is my favourite product so far!! The tone of the bronzer is subtle enough for a soft glow but buildable enough to contour.

I use this with the Real Techniques contour brush and adore the outcome.

If you want a natural looking bronzer to glow up the face, this is amazing! (It’s also super long lasting!)

Mono Eyeshadow (Milk Chocolate)



I am a die-hard lover of Estèe Lauder single shadows and eye shadows palettes and this beautiful chocolate eyeshadow fits the bill as dupe of 2018!

This eyeshadow colour and consistency reminds me of the Pure Colour Envy shadows from Estèe Lauder, particularly the colour Amber Intrigue.

This eyeshadow wears like an actual dream. It can be worn on its own for an everyday look, a transition shade for a nude/brown smokey eye…the possibilities are endless but the eyeshadow is incredibly versatile and I LOVE IT!

Natural Collection Mascara (Volume & Definition)


Just a quick note about these mascaras, this is the 8th tube of this mascara I have used.

For the price, it does exactly what is states on the tube. I use them on their own. I use them together to make a super volumised look. They are brilliant!

I will just make a quick point here to say if I could change anything about Natural Collection, it would be the shades they carry. They do not carry a wide shades in any of their products. For example their foundation goes as deep as the colour Pecan shown below.

So although that was an incredibly successful haul for me, I am aware that Natural Collection does not cater to all skin tones which is not ideal in 2018 and I hope they will release a broader shade range in the future!

Thank you for reading!

R x

23 Replies to “Boots Natural Collection”

  1. For the price those products look absolutely fantastic! Will be looking out for these in the future, thank you for sharing xx


  2. I tried some Natural Collection stuff years back when I was still in school but I haven’t had any for so long, I’m really impressed with how nice they look on you considering how affordable they are!! I’ll definitely be trying that bronzer, being pale I struggle to find one that’s a good colour for me but this has convinced me to try it. Great post thanks hun!

    Jess //


  3. You look stunning 💗 You’re clearly a talented make-up artist. I use Naturals Collection Bronzing pearls… after reading your post I may be tempted to branch out to some of the other products! X


  4. Thank you. It’s always good to find low-cost makeup that still looks good. I wear foundation on a regular basis so I will look into these.


  5. I absolutely love Natural Collection – such amazing products for incredible prices.. 😍 Their Brow Gel is a product that I’ve repurchased a million times, I actually swear by it!


  6. Amazing post lovely! I used to use Natural Collection makeup when I first started out with makeup 5 years ago but it seems like they’ve updated thier products so I might need to give other products a go aswell!

    Ayse Merve Demir! x


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