What I eat in a Day…

Food, yay!

The snow is finally melting. The Beast from the East has been and gone and the sun is finally starting to come out.

With the days getting longer and lighter, I can already feel an uplift in my mood. To be able to get out for walks on an evening or to drive home and the sun is still out is a true indicator that Spring is on its way.

With this break in the season, I often see a change in my diet. I swap the hearty soups and roasts too lighter salads and turn to the vegetables and fruit that are in season!

To celebrate this much needed change in season, I’ve popped below what I eat on a typical day in Spring!


Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. I am fully behind the idea that you can eat breakfast food at any time of the day!

I am usually out the door for 6.30am so I like a quick but healthy and filling breakfast. I’ll usually opt for two Poached Eggs.

I cook them in my electric Poacher whilst I shower so they are ready for when I get out 🙌🏼

On my days off or where I’ve got a bit more time I’ll spend some time creating a ‘bowl’.

I’ll opt for some Alpro Coconut Soy Yoghurt and then pick a variety of toppings. My favourite toppings are goji berries, coconut shavings and sunflowers seeds!

If I’m feeling like I need a bit of sweetness I’ll drizzle some yummy honey over the top! This sets me up for the day without being super heavy.


I opt for a light lunch most days. Usually a salad or some soup. I hate the feeling of eating loads and then having to go back to work with zero energy!


My favourite food for dinner is fish to the point where I could quite happily go pescatarian at this point!

Salmon, bass, bream, Cod….I will usually have a dinner than consists of some fishy goodness. I genuinely like the taste alongside the Omega and Oil benefits of fish like Salmon.

My mam and I actually love a menu out of the Slimming World programme, I’ll pop the ingredients below!

• 500g floury potatoes, such as Desiree or King Edward, peeled and cut into 2cm cubes

• Low calorie cooking spray

• Salt and freshly ground black pepper

• 2 red onions, thinly sliced into rings

• 4 skinless and boneless salmon fillets

• 300g sugar snap peas

• 200g cherry tomatoes

• Finely grated zest and juice of 1 unwaxed lemon

• A large handful of fresh dill, roughly chopped


Fruit and raw bars are my go to snacks!

Being up so early for work most days, by 11am I am usually sneaking a wee Nakd Bar into my mouth to keep me going in between breakfast and lunch. Aldi do a range of cashew Paleo bars too which I love.

I graze on fruit too! Grapes and raspberries are my favourite and I’ll usually pop some in a wee Tupperware and take them to work with me.

So there we go!

A breakdown of what I munch through on a day!

If you’ve got any recipes or recommendations let me know! I’m always on the look out!

R x

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