Getting my home Spring ready…

Spring, yay!

Why does it feel like this winter has been coming for EVER?! Like, come on. Still snowing as we head into March? I think it is safe to say we are all in need of Spring.

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 09.28.06.png

Springtime means lighter mornings, increasingly warmer weather and new life and colours in the garden…

Spring time also brings around one of my favourite things… A SPRING CLEAN! I enjoy nothing more that getting the windows open and having a good old sort of my house.

I become ruthless! Anything I have not used in a while can go. Anything I feel like I’m holding on to for no reason, gone!

Don’t even get me started on cleaning out wardrobes! I would clean and organise people’s wardrobes and drawers as a genuine job!

But anyway, here’s what I do to get my house ready for spring!

Buying flowers

I walked into my local Aldi last week and was absolutely made up to see a pallet load of daffodils for sale! Spring is nearly year and nothing says it more than a happy vase of bright yellow daffodils or a beautiful bowl of pink peonies (or if flowers are not your thing, these candles can give you the same beautiful floral smell!)


Flowers immediately brighten up a space and bring a wee bit of the outside in. I enjoy flowers over succulents or cacti although they don’t last as long, the colours are so beautiful!

My favourite floral additions to add to my home over Spring are daffodils, tulips, Gerbera and Lilies.

Airing the house

‘Airing the house’ is a concept that I used to scoff my mum for as a child. Like mam, why does the house need ‘airing’ *rolls eyes*

But now, at the grand old age of 25, I get it!!

Getting the windows open on a beautiful Spring day from the front of the house to the back, upstairs and downstairs, really does something!

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 09.28.30.png

Getting that circulation of fresh spring air through the house is truly one of the most simple indicators that spring is near! Airing can blast out all of the cobwebs (not literally!) that have been hanging around the house since we battened down the hatches for Winter, leaving it refreshed and revitalised for Spring!

Having a spring clean

I am a serial mover-rounder.

I move a room around at least once a month. I love being able to shift furniture and create a new dynamic in the same room!

The coming of spring time feels like a perfect time to do this! You can choose to do your spring clean with or without the windows open to ‘air’ the house…

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 09.28.46.png

A spring clean can be going top to bottom, hoovering and polishing your home. It could be sorting your wardrobe and throwing out all the crap you don’t want clogging up your drawers for another year!

Personally, I like to make a list of all the rooms I want to tackle, what I want to achieve and then I go IN with my hoover, Karcher and other related cleaning products.

There’s nothing nicer than a tidy, fresh house!

So yeah! Spring! Throw stuff out, move stuff about, let the air in and bask in the fact that it’s late until 7pm!!

R x

7 Replies to “Getting my home Spring ready…”

  1. I LOVE airing the house and Simon really doesn’t get it! I’ll get up on a Saturday and busy myself doing jobs to stay warm and then throw all the windows open. I keep trying to say to him that if he got up and moved he wouldn’t get cold … and that’s when I realise I sound like my Mum!


  2. Omg I know what you mean about airing the house! Like it’s a funny term but honestly your house needs a breezy sweep of wind to run through it and just the stuffiness that’s around. Spring cleaning def is needed, it’s breathes freshness into your home! Great post hun! xx ☺

    xx Lena |


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