Mother’s Day Experience Guide

Mama’s, yay!

Who loves there mama? I do!

Let’s introduce you my best friend and mama Carol!

I tend to show my mama that I care ALL year round, buts it’s always lovely to have a dedicated day to show her you care and give her extra treats! 💕

Whether you celebrate your mum, your auntie, your sister or your best friend, it always feels so good to spoil someone you love rotten!

Have a wee look below to see some of the lovely gifts you can get for your mam!

Engraved Perfume Bottle…

My mam has a scent. Her perfume is so distinguishable and her favourites include Estèe by Estèe Lauder or Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel.

As beautiful a gift it is to receive your favourite bottle of perfume whilst on holiday in the States, we discovered that some cosmetic and beauty brands can go one step further and personalise your product!

I did this as a gift for Mother’s Day one year on a bottle of Miss Dior by Dior. I had my mams name engraved into the bottle so it was her own special bottle of perfume!

This is such a cute and thoughtful gift as not only are you purchasing the fragrance they love the most, but making it extra special with a message on the bottle!

There are a couple of other companies do this type of engraving if you are interested! I’ve popped them below…

Afternoon Tea – Hilton & London

Cake, sandwiches, tea and champagne.

Afternoon Tea’s are my FAVOURITE! We’ve actually been to a couple in the past few years so I thought I’d pick two favourites!

We visited the The Hilton Newcastle for afternoon tea at their ‘Windows on the Tyne’ restaurant. Not only are you spoilt by the incredible views of the Tyne River, the Tyne Bridge and the other iconic bridges that stretch over the water, the actual afternoon tea is gorgeous!

They do a traditional, a champagne and a cocktail afternoon tea menu from £17.00, so there is plenty of choice to suit every taste!

I will say that the website is an absolute must have when you are booking a special afternoon treat! They break down locations for afternoon tea by area and county and will inform you of any special offers that may be running for the likes of Mothers Day!

I have used the website for several years and I really trust them for what looks good, their amazing offers and their slick booking system.

Jo Malone Hand and Arm Massages

Ah, Jo Malone.

Receiving something from Jo Malone, whether it be one of their exquisite candles or a gorgeous perfume, is really something quite special.

Want to experience the beauty and educate yourself on Jo Malone without the price?

Treat yourself and your mama to a Hand and Arm massage!

The 20 minute long experience allows you to explore the wonderful world of Jo Malone fragrances, experience their body and hand care ranges, exfoliation and how to layer fragrances all sponsored with a glass of bubbles.

Perfect for a day out with your mam!

Wherever you are and whatever you get to treat the special lady in your life may it be your mum, someone who is like a mum to you or your wife for being an amazing mama, I hope you have the best time! 💕

R x

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