Zara Spring ‘18 Picks

Zara, yay!

On Monday alone I posted about four items of clothing in Zara that I am either still thinking about, really want or have seen other people repping on Instagram.

To cut to the chase, everything in Zara is freaking beautiful at the moment and I want it all but since my bank balance would not thank me for that (at all!), I’ll blog about it instead!

It’s all about Spring goals.

It’s all about Suit goals.

It’s also all about shoes that since my foot has had to privilege to slip inside, have not been the same.

See what I’ve been loving from Zara below!

The Gold Detail Loafers – £55.99

I’ve been reading about all the amazing dupes for the Gucci Loafers and I genuinely love a good pair of brogues or loafers!

Since I can not afford the Gucci beauties I found these Zara loafers and I was immediately won over!

The leather on these shoes is so soft and they fit on the feet like slippers.

I will say I have ridiculously slender feet and they are the perfect shoe if you this issue like I do!

The loafers come complete with a gold chain detail over the front part of the shoe and also posses a ‘folding heel’, making it easy for the wearer to glide the foot easily into the shoe! Amazing!

IMAGE CREDIT: Zara Website

The Black & White Coat – £25.99 Sale (RRP: £89.99)

On a day off I recently popped into the Zara at the MetroCentre. I don’t know about you but I always think Zara has an amazing sale section.

Aside for the racks of straps vest tops and the odd pair of wacky shoes, there’s some real gems to be found…such at the Mac I purchased!

This coat is around knee length and is the perfect transition coat, particularly as we head in to spring and you still need a jacket, but not your winter coat!

The material is comparable to a textured Mac or Trench coat and it has button detail down the front of the coat and on the shoulders.

The thing I love about this coat is how dramatic is looks tied in the middle. It gives a gorgeous silhouette and can make the waist look teeeeeeny!

I like to pair this with knee high black boots and a big leather bag!

The Sky Blue Suit

Straight Cut Trousers: £39.99

Suit Jacket: £79.99

This suit.

Oh my god.

It was on the front mannequin as you walked into the Metrocentre Zara store and my mum and I genuinely stared at it for a good couple of minutes.

The first thing I absolutely ADORE about this suit, is the colour. The most delicate sky blue, with stark white buttons featured on the blazer looks stunning and is such a look for the approaching Spring/Summer.

The blazer looks, on the mannequin and the model, to be almost boyfriend fit. A classy slouch. The trousers are a stunning straight cut that would fold over trainers for a hint of athlesiure or heels for the Girl Boss suit of Dreams.



The Pointed Mid Hell Court Shoe – £25.99

I owe this shoe discovery to the lovely LoveStyle40 on Instagram. Joanne posted about these shoes a couple of weeks back and I immediately though they were Chanel and immediately thought they’d be far to expensive to buy!

However, what a pleasant surprise to find out these beautiful court shoes were actually less than £30!

I have popped some snaps from the gorgeous Joanna at LoveStyle40 and here link below! S he has shown how the shoes can be styled in a couple of different ways!

I LOVE these and they will be my PayDay treat! 🙌🏼


Have you been loving anything in particular at Zara at the moment!

Please share in the comments or on Twitter/Instagram! I’d love to hear from you!

R x

13 Replies to “Zara Spring ‘18 Picks”

  1. Don’t hang about! If there’s one thing I’ve learnt recently it’s that if you leave things too long they sell out – I had my eye on a beautiful bag from Topshop only a few days ago then one of the big instragrammers shared it on her account and it sold out – SO ANNOYING! This kind of thing happens to me all the time!

    Did you try the suit on? It’s SO beautiful! I don’t think I’m brave enough to wear a suit outside of the office (to be fair I don’t really often wear them to the office either!) but I love them on other people. This would look so beautiful for Spring!


  2. I love Zara and all these items are now on my wishlist! I was literally thinking about getting a more masculine suit this morning on the bus to work but no idea where to get one. Now I know!! Plus those loafers are just 👌🏽


  3. Yay! Thank you so much for this post. God I love Zara. You’ll have to challenge me to go into the store and come out empty handed. I think the loafers are the best alternative to the Gucci’s. For a high street brand, I love the cuts of their suits, especially the one you picked out. I love the flatlay above, which Chanel bag is it? I want it! Looking forward to more of your blog posts babe!
    Monica @


  4. I Love loafers! These remind me so much of a pair of Christian Siriano’s I had. Zara always finds a way to bring clothes from FW or something at a more affordable price. This suit is in such a lovely baby blue!! I’m in love 😍💙 thanks for sharing!

    xx Lena |


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