Inspire, Educate, Collaborate : WeBlogNorth Event

Newcastle, yay!

So, those of you who follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you may have seen that last Sunday I was trying fancy, bubbly cocktails at The Alchemist in Newcastle!

The amazing venue was selected by Holly and the team at WeBlogNorth and held an event for the North East Blogging community, yaaaaas! 🙌🏼

Let’s dive in to exactly who WeBlogNorth are and what we got up to on Sunday!

Who are WeBlogNorth?

We were greeted by the founder of WeBlogNorth Holly and she took us through the reasons behind creating the company but also the vision of what they want to achieve. The following extract is from their website!

‘WeBlogNorth is a collective of bloggers, vloggers and social influencers in the North of England. We’re here to support, champion and connect all of you amazing content creators…

We pride ourselves on being friendly, approachable and inclusive, with our ethos being to – INSPIRE, EDUCATE AND COLLABORATE. All of this, within an amazing community of like-minded people.

We want to put Northern content creators on the map…’

Put Northern content creators ON THE MAP!


The vision set by Holly and co-collaborators Kat and Vikki sparked discussion during the day around whether we are getting the most out of Northern PR companies and whether Northern bloggers receive the same opportunities as those elsewhere in the country!

It was incredibly inspiring to hear Holly, Kat and Vikki set out what the wanted to achieve, the best part being that every person in that room on Sunday also wants to achieve the same outcome!

What did we do?

Well, I do not actually think there was a better location to put a group of bloggers in that The Alchemist!

We chose from their Periodic Table of Cocktails which included The Colour Changing One and the Lightbulb Moment (all of which had ALL the dry ice, which of course made them very Instagram worthy!!)

Whilst we sipped our cocktails and had 2 hours to connect with other local content creators.

The most amazing thing about the event was that there were representatives from all levels of the blogging world: those with upwards of 15K followers to those who were considering starting a blog and wanting an introduction to the North East blogging community.

It was an unparalleled opportunity to forge some new friendships and collaborate around maintaining a consistent conversation in the North East blogging world!

Some of the tips and conversations I had on Sunday have helped me even in the last three days and I’m sure this will continue!


Personally, this was my first ever blog event and it genuinely felt like a super important one.

I remember reading an Instagram post last week where a creator said they would never do YouTube because of the Geordie accent.

However, I genuinely look for local content creators, bloggers, vloggers and Businesses because we should all be showing support for the North East and the #nebloggers 🙌🏼

I jumped on InstaStories after the event o capture the inspiration and motivation I felt after the event.

Listening to what some more experienced bloggers than myself had to say about growing engagement was fantastic.

I will definitely be heading along to more events and I would encourage all of you to connect with your local blogging communities!! They are your local blogging family!!

I’ve linked the WeBlogNorth website too if you would like to have a peruse of what they offer and the educational classes they provide!

Thank you again to Holly and the team!

R x

3 Replies to “Inspire, Educate, Collaborate : WeBlogNorth Event”

  1. I am so gutted i missed this event! its a great venue to have the even, i love the cocktails from here! I’m so glad you enjoyed your first event an i hope to see you at some others in the future! we should deffo arrange a meet up too!


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