How I stay healthy…

Supplements, yay!

I feel like I need to start this post with a disclaimer. I am not a doctor.

I am not educated in any type of medicine(you’ll see why this is relevant in a minute!)

I am however, incredibly passionate about general health and leading as a healthy lifestyle as I can balance.

Around two years ago I began looking into the wellness world of Vitamins and my eyes were opened to the wide range of minerals and natural supplements.

These small additions can help us be the best versions of ourselves and perform at the top of our game.

I do the majority of my health and supplement shopping at the high street store Holland and Barrett. I like shopping here because my local store in Eldon Square is not too big and the staff are so knowledgeable and helpful.

I also like the layout of H&B stores because they plan their vitamins and supplement by need, for example ‘Weight Loss Supplements’ and ‘Tiredness and Fatigue’, which is super useful!

My main concerns are tiredness and fatigue, maintaining balanced, clear skin and just anything that keeps me high performing at all times!

As I’ve said, I am not a Doctor but I went into my local H&B to ask for support in the areas I wanted help with and this is what I picked up…

Cod Liver Oil

I used to always associate cod liver Oil with something my mum would have. I have progressed to the age where I quite like popping my large golden CLO on a morning!

Amongst the benefits of CLO you can expect some Omega E and Vitamins A & D. Not only is Vitamin D amazing in the winter time when we are not getting the most amount of natural daylight, but they both contribute to keeping you nice and healthy and supporting your body’s natural defences.

I think the most well known fact about CLO is that it helps keep your bones and joint lubed up (which we all need!)

Personally I choose to go hard with these and get the highest potency. Holland & Barrett sell either 410mg or 1000mg. They are also free of milk, lactose, corn, soya, gluten, wheat, yeast or porcine…PHEW!

Iron and Vitamin C

I was recommended these wee gems when I was going through a rough patch! I spent a good 6 months of 2016 feeling like I had absolutely no energy, feeling really detached from what was going on around me and just generally wiped.

Desperate to not relapse into this, I went looking for some natural remedies and support. The Iron and Vitamin C supplement I take are made to reduce signs and feelings or tiredness and fatigue. The Vitamin C, whilst doing an reliable job at protecting your immune system and keep up your natural defences also boosts your red blood cells! Amazing!

Iron is also key to maintaining high levels of energy. These tablets contains 14mg of 100% iron and support getting the right levels of oxygen around the body….YES.

I love these tablets! Whilst chatting to the lady in the store on Princes Street last week she stated these are also brilliant for veggies and Vegans who may be missing iron out of their diet.

Vitamin B-50

Right, I’ve saved the best for last. The big guns. It’s Vitamin that has made the most difference to me!

Vitamin B-50 is the absolute one when it comes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue and getting you running on all engines, at all times.

Some reviews of theses supplements on the H&B website have seen people see changes in their skin whilst others say it has made them more focused at work.

However there are TWO key things to be aware of with Vitamin B-50.

The pills are beasts. Huge. You’ll need to do the old ‘tip it back’ trick to make sure you get these down the hatch the first time.

Secondly, the turn your pee luminous green. Like Star Trek pee. It’s unreal. I thought I was poorly when I first saw it then it turned out to be a side effect of excess riboflavin found in Vitamin b2.

So there it is!

This wee concoction works for me for sure, but if you do want to investigate I would recommend doing some online research and then heading into a store and chatting! It’s well worth it!

If you are using some vitamins and supplements, tell me what you’re using!


R x

19 Replies to “How I stay healthy…”

  1. I really like posts like these. I think people tend to forget about Omega 3 and it’s SUPER important. I take the Seven Seas CLO and recently my gran’s friend was telling me about shark oil. So that’s another lovely source. And I’m anemic so I def try to stock up on my iron, I use Trihemic. Thanks for the post and reminding me I need to get my iron pills lol 😂💕

    xx Lena |


  2. It’s so crazy how much of a difference taking vitamins makes. Living in Scotland during the winter I’ve become deficient in vitamin D so I’ve been taking them and see such a difference!


  3. It’s great that you’ve stated quite plainly that these are things that work for you and you’re not qualified. I hate it when wellness bloggers or vloggers preach and say “you SHOULD be doing this” which is so damaging xxx


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