The Body Shop

Cruelty free skincare, yay!

I don’t know why but I always feel like I associate The Body Shop with my childhood. It’s like the place we would go when we went to town to experiment with skincare! I still get slightly nostalgic at the big body butters or certain smells and they take me back to being a wee teen…

But enough of Memory Lane!

I want to share what I have been loving recently in the body shop facial and skincare range.

I must also say a massive thank you to the team at the Body Shop store at the Metrocentre in Gateshead. I recently visited their store and was treated to a skincare consultation by their skincare Expert Stacey, an education about their cruelty free make up range and a gorgeous hand massage using their Spa Range!

Have a look below to see what I’ve been enjoying the most!

Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash


I don’t know about you but a face wash can sometimes seems super bland. Is it actually doing anything? Is it cleansing and removing all the dirt?

I tend to only love a facial wash if I can feel it doing something, which is why I love the Tea Tree Cleansing Wash.

When I say feeling something, this particular face wash cools and clams my face as I apply it, which feels so nice and leaves the skin feeling 100% clean! The fresh, menthol scent of the Tea Tree is also incredibly refreshing and great for a morning wake up!

Tea Tree Oil


Over Christmas and into the New Year I was feeling particularly rubbish and run down. Due to this I developed a cute little Orion’s belt of spots (5 to exact) along the left side of my jawline.

Luckily, spots are a rarity for me however these pesky things would not shift! I was desperate to the find a way to take remove some of the dark blemishes the spots left on my jawline. So after some blog and internet research I discovered the Tea Tree Oil!

The reviews for this oil on the website where absolutely of the scale! Customers claimed it dulled their acne scarring whilst others say they popped this on one spot overnight and it was gone by the morning!

This is one of the best things I have ever bought from the Body Shop. It removed the redness or removed the spots completely from my jawline and I have began to use this daily to keep any blemishes at bay! A winner!

Seaweed Pore-Cleansing Exfoliator


I love a scrub. I love a scrub that is so freaking scrubby you can feel it exfoliating all of the badness out of your pores!! However, I was I intrigued to find out what natural ingredients the Body Shop use within their scrubs and how effect the formula is!

Having been blessed with the oily skin gene, I opted for the refreshing and mattifying Seaweed scrub from the oil-free, soap-free Seaweed range.

This scrub is packed with natural seaweed and uses Jojoba beads sourced from Roaring Water Bay in Ireland. This line is made specifically for oily to combination skin and delivers these results due to the natural, clarifying ingredients!

My fave loves this and it works brilliantly with the other products from the Body Shop, such as those featured above.

During my recent visit to the Metrocentre Body Shop I discussed the idea of ‘curating’ your own skincare line. Where for example, I have taken something from the Tea Tree Line but also from the Seaweed range and used them to develop my own regimen. I love that there is something for everyone from the lines within the Body Shop, not only for skincare but their Oils of Life or the Spa Of the World body range!

ALSO! The Body Shop do a 3 for 2 on the majority of their ranges! More skincare for your buck!

Let me know what you’ve been loving from the Body Shop or what I should try!

R x

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