What I’ve Been Wearing: Winter

Winter, boo!

Let’s get one thing straight, after Christmas Day it can literally be June.

I want long summer days, hot summer nights and the beach (and wine…always wine!)

However, I popped this wee Instagram selection up last week and I referred to the pieces I was wearing as my ‘go to’ outfit choices, and it got me a’thinking…

Has there been anything in my wardrobe this Winter that I have loved, fallen back in love with or bought new and would recommend?

My findings are below!

P.s Alongside Winter in general, I get really sad when you wear layers to go shopping and then half an hour in you realise you didn’t need highlighter because the heat in the shops has turned you into a human Mac Soft and Gentle…

Burberry Scarf, £?!

I feel like I need to address the scarf. I did it briefly in my What I Wore to NYC post but first off….I promise I own/wear other scarves. But none are as warm, cosy and amazing as this one.

The backstory to this scarf baby is in the post linked above but this time of year, no other scarf goes with the outfit I wear better or keeps me warmer than this scarf. It isn’t going anywhere either!

Black Zara Coat, $59.00

I packed for New York and didn’t take a coat.

Like, I still can’t remember how it was even possible that I forgot my coat…but it meant that I could go shopping! In desperate need of warmth but something stylish enough for 5 days in New York City, I hit 5th Ave on Black Friday and found this beautiful coat!

A black thigh length coat with faux fur wrist cuffs and collar. It also has a black and gold belt to finish the look and make it look super chic.

See below how I styled this absolute beaut (that was reduced in the sale from $100 to $59, yaaaaaaaas!)

NASA Jumper, NASA Store in Orlando International Aiport, $39.00

There’s a bit of story to this Jumper! Coming back from our wedding and honeymoon in Florida, Paul and I were convinced we were gonna buy matching jumpers and wear them home together (I have no idea why but at the time it seemed cute and cool ha!)

So we did exactly that! Paul is obsessed with some and goes to NASA most years with my Dad, we thought it was a nice fitting tribute and a memory of the amazing time we had on our honeymoon!

Pink Bardot Neck Jumper, Primark, £5.00


I honestly paid five British pounds for this Jumper from Primark and it is one of the nicest things I have bought from there!

At first I didn’t know whether I could pull off the Bardot neck, but after much Pinteresting and Instagramming of what to pair it with, I learned to love it!

Also, props to the woman one night who commended my ‘Milennial Pink’ clothing choices. You helped me google and learn what that phrase meant…

Lilac and White Jumper, Primark, £14.00

Another Jumper! Another Primark Jumper!

This is just a beautiful, simple jumper in the prettiest pastel shades. I like to pair this with black skinny jeans and my Lilac Adidas trainers for a bit of the old matchy-matchy!

However, this Jumper is slightly holey…by that I mean that it’s not like a thick Aran style Jumper. As my mam would say, you’ll need to have your vest on!

So there it is! Some of the pieces I have been loving over Winter!

Now…where’s my bikini? Is it August yet?

R x

5 Replies to “What I’ve Been Wearing: Winter”

  1. Typical me, the pricey item is my favourite, I love your scarf. It looks so cosy! You had me laughing when you forgot your coat. I went to NY for New Year once and I honestly don’t think I’d have even made it from the plane to the taxi without wearing 300 items of clothing. At least it gave you an excuse to hit the sales! x



  2. When you said that after Christmas it might as well be June …SAME! We have the same idea of a good time. As a California girl, all I want is summer, beach days, and yes, wine! Love your style girly, you rock the looks!!


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