Giving up the ‘Mindless Scroll’…

Blogging, yay!

I must admit, I don’t know whether it was just the turning of the year but I have fully fallen back in love with my blog and the entire blogging community and scene.

There were certain points of 2017 where I know that I didn’t blog as much as I had wanted too. I also think that my expectations around blogging were slightly skewed and unrealistic. I would often look at other people’s blogs or Instagrams, see their engagement and rate my own success against that…

I now realise that that very mentality was stifling my own creativity. Constantly rating myself against other, much more established bloggers than myself was never going to get me far! Which is why I have personally declared 2018; the year of my blog!

I want to focus on two main things over this coming year: writing about what I care about and expanding my engagement to other bloggers, Instagrams etc.

Firstly, a new blogger in 2017 I felt like I spent a ton of time writing about what I thought people wanted me to write. However, the first two blog posts of 2018 where pretty darn personal and about life and stress and everything else and…people loved them!

That’s when I realised that these amazing blog posts that I love to read are all writing bout what they absolutely love…and I’m ready to join that!!

Secondly, I am breaking free of the mindless scroll. Yknow what I mean? When you just scroll through Instagram or through Twitter with glazed eyes not really taking in what you are looking at? NO MORE!

I have promised myself that I will engage! I will comment on the incredible flatlay on Instagram or a blog post I have told my friends about…because I love the freakin’ content. I will let the creators of this content know how much I have enjoyed their work, regardless of follower count or influencer status.

Who’s with me? Who wants to give up the mindless scroll and reach out to these content creators, photographers and bloggers?!

I am so ready for 2018, hereby the Year of the Blog!

R x

25 Replies to “Giving up the ‘Mindless Scroll’…”

  1. What a motivational post! I am also guilty of being part of the mindless scroll club but after reading this I am going to push myself to engage more with other people’s content! Thank you for the inspiring read.


  2. I loved that post. And yes to ending the mindless scroll. I am actually trying to get better at it, like when I lye in bed I try to put my phone down when I saw everything new and not just keep on scrolling down just for the sake of it.
    Lea, xx


  3. This is exactly what I want to do. I made this blog 5 years ago and posted on it on and off throughout high school and college that I never know where to go with it. Should I post more? Engage? And the answer is yes! Just because I haven’t been focused on this in the past doesn’t mean it’s too late! We will all reach our goals


  4. I know what you mean regarding the endless scroll. I am trying to like and comment on as many pics as i can on insta! xx corinne


  5. Love this!! The mindless scroll thing is so true, sometimes I’ll read a blog post and really enjoy it and click off it then think ‘I didn’t even comment’ so I’ll always go back and leave a comment or like their photo as it can make someone’s day just leaving a small comment as well as helping to promote their work!

    Jess xx


  6. Good on you for that no mindless scroll! I’ve started commenting more on other blogs and Instagram posts too. I mean, I know that feeling when we get that ping of notification when we received new comments. Aha. Great post, hun! x


  7. This is a lovely post, you sound so excited for your future content and I love that! It’s always lovely when you recognize what you want to write about and I like that you’re making an effort to engage more 😊 It’s Nice that you’re trying to break your habit of mindless scrolling, it can be unnecessarily time consuming and then you don’t know where the time went.

    xx Lena |


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