Wellness Week: 7 Days of Self Care 🍃

Self care, yay!

2 weeks ago, I was told I had severe exhaustion.

The doctor prescribed self care.

I was absolutely thrilled.

7 days to focus on the little aspects of my self that I, and all of us forget.

I am all of you.

I will forget to take the time out to look after me, which ends up in complete tiredness, burnout, exhaustion.

I have reached the end of my period of forced self care and I am currently experiencing its undeniable benefits. From clearer skin to a much better temperament in general, I feel more balanced.

So, let’s explore and discover what exactly I did to achieve a better handle on self care 🖤

Oh wait. Before I kick off. A quick note to say you ABSOLUTELY ARE worth the time around self care. From a bubble bath to an early night, do you honey and don’t feel bad about it.

The world can wait. < em>My Wellness Week:< strong>Monday – On my commute to work is usually the time where I am planning my day/week and completing my daily Lifemin. However, on this particular Monday, I scrapped the planning and the work and spent some time on me. I meditated via the Podcast SipandOm.<
he Podcasts vary in length and there is a weekly theme.

This week was focus.<
f you want to do some mindfulness and meditation. I have talked about this particular series of Podcasts over on Twitter.

< strong>Tuesday- So this is a super basic one, but I genuinely found after I did it that it made me feel good. I began to watch YouTube and…cleaned my make up brushes. I haven’t done this in so long but I fully relished the 20 minutes I took to methodically clean and dry my brushes.

Small, simple and effective.

Wednesday – For around 10 different reasons, I had an absolutely horrendous day. I cried. A lot.

I cried in the Starbucks at the train station (the man in the Starbucks genuinely looked at me like I was a wee alien 😂 poor guy!)

I got every emotion out and most importantly, I got the love and support from the people who I lean upon and need the most. Although this sounds like the most messed up self care remedy, sometimes we all need a good cry.

Thursday – After the emotional rollercoaster that was Wednesday, I did something that my body was screaming out for.

I went to bed at 7.30pm and I slept.

For 12 whole hours and it was flippin’ glorious.

Listen to your body. Friday – Friday was an incredibly exciting day. I can not actually go into too much detail at this moment about why it was exciting but, put it this way…

I am a massive believer in everything happening for a reason. Where Wednesday was an absolutely awful day, I got an unexpected email that could mean big things.

And instead out putting this to the back of my mind like I normally do, I indulged in self care and allowed myself to get really excited about the opportunity I might be taking! WATCH THIS SPACE!

Saturday – I spent all day with my husband. We parked the car at the Bicycle Hub on Newcastle Quayside and walked around, enjoying all the little things we love (our favourite walks and sights, our favourite tea shop…)

The bracing walk, the vitamin D, the holding hands…

Sunday – It is Sunday as I write this. I am currently commuting home from a busy day at work and this is my self care. I am indulging in writing and the ease of which I can discuss the exhaustion, the anxiety and everything else.

It’s incredibly liberating to write about these types of experiences, knowing that it might help someone else who is feeling the same way. It’s actually a real privilege.

So there you have it.

7 days of self care.

As we hurtle into another week, I am going into it just as busy and a little bit less tired. But I am increasingly aware of the importance of taking time out.

I will commit to spending more time on me.

Look after yourselves. We only get one shot.


19 Replies to “Wellness Week: 7 Days of Self Care 🍃”

  1. Self care is really something I’m trying to work on this year. I find myself so exhausted and then spending barely anytime on myself, then wonder why I’m still tired Monday morning! I think I need to learn to just spend time relaxing and doing something just for me, no work or scrolling aimlessly through social media. Plus I might try and get some early nights, I’m desperate for a good night sleep! 12 hours sounds glorious. X


  2. Hi self care is so important but do often forgotten in our busy life’s. It is ok to cry and sleep for 12 hours if purchasing body needs it. I hope you have learnt from your rest to be happy and healthy in the future.


  3. What a lovely post! I find it so great to read posts like this because I’m also trying to adopt more self care in my life! It’s so important to focus on yourself, thank you for posting 💟


  4. Absolutely loved this! Such an inspiring post, I mean very rarely would we take few days out of the week let alone an entire week to take care of ourselves and this is such a great idea to achieve that! Thank you for sharing this! ♥️♥️

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I absolutely loved this post, self care is so important to keep us happy and healthy! I really enjoyed reading this post, and hearing about your own aspects of self care! 🙂

    Ashley | hiyaitsashley.com


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