My Favourite Christmas Reds ❤️

Christmas time, yay!

Can you believe it’s nearly here?! By now Christmas parties are in full swing and it’s feeling super festive!

I don’t know about you but red shouts Christmas!! Whether it’s a red lip at your Christmas party or treating yourself to a beautiful festive manicure, it’s the one special time of year where it seems perfect (at all times!!!) ❤️

For that exact reason and due to the fact that I am a self-confessed lipstick hoarder, I thought I would share my Christmas reds to help you all out!

Here we go…❤️

1. Tom Ford No72 in Tony

This is my third(!!!) Tony lipstick by Tom Ford and I find it so so hard to move on to any other colour. It applies perfectly and I’ve actually found myself using this to stamp on to lips almost as a stain (it leaves behind a beautiful, worn berry type stain which is perfect for work!)

The smell of this lipstick is Devine but it’s the smooth, buttery signature Tom Ford formula which makes it a favourite for the holiday season!

2. Illamasqua Lava Lips in Vixen

This beautiful marble surprise was actually Day No1 on the Look Fantastic Beauty Calendar!

The mixture of pink, red and white means that every application it slightly different! The formula of this lipstick makes it perfect for work or a Christmas party (even for Christmas Day as it should last through dinner!). It will stay put and feels incredibly hydrating and comfortable to wear! Definitely a winner!

Thank you Look Fantastic! ❤️ the picture below shows me wearing said lippy!

3. Estèe Lauder Pure Colour Envy In Envious (340)

Esteèe Lauder reminds me of my mum and always reminds me of Christmas as my dad often buys her a gift set with some make up in that I usually end up getting!!

This colour is absolutely stunning. A bright red with an undertone of Orange makes this a stand out, see you from across the room, red lipstick and a one I will repurchase time and time again!

My only tip? Use a powder over your lips first and a red liner for long wear and maximum effect!

4. Boots Natural Collection in Crimson

I swear by Boots Natural Collection. Their line is the most affordable I have found and their products are incredible!!!

I bought this red lipstick last year just as a wee put on for work and I have used it ever since!

A no-frills, satin finish that will stay put and most importantly does not bleed into the outer lip line.

Use as a full red lip or a stain, either way this lipstick will do the job for a cheaper price! Lovely!

5. Estèe Lauder Pure Colour in Hot Kiss Shimmer

You got me, this ain’t no red. But honestly, this lipstick will change you!!

If you do not want your traditional red lip for Christmas, this deep purple berry lipstick from Estèe Lauder packs just the right amount of punch and will give you a beautiful, dark lip without being vampy.

Once again the formula on this lipstick makes it an absolute winner and makes for the perfect alternative for Christmas, maybe even for New Year!

What’s your favourite Christmas red?! ❤️

R x

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