New York City – What I Wore…

Travelling, yay!

I was lucky enough recently to take a winter trip with my husband and my parents to New York City.

It is my second time to this incredible city and we went to celebrate my mum’s 60th birthday!!

As with Paris and even London as examples, New York has a certain palatable vibe you can almost taste when you walk about its streets. Not to mention, the fashion.

Whilst packing for my trip, I spent many an evening or train journey on Pinterest under the term ‘New York Street Style’ which brought back pretty much every fashion choice you could imagine. But I feel like that’s the beauty of New York. You could wear what you want, wear it with confidence and people wouldn’t bat an eye.

So! Let’s have a look below and see what I wore during my trip to New York City! Enjoy!

I had two staples when I was away!

My black Zara coat which I actually bought in New York. It is a short black coat with faux fur lining (so soft!) and a wee belt around the middle. It looks so chic but goes with pretty much everything and I think I wore it every day!

Secondly, I inherited by first designer purchase from my mum when I was around 16 years old. My thick Burberry scarf pretty much stuck on me this time of year. It is so warm and is the perfect partner on a plane, a cold winter day or just to wear snuggled up at home.

If you would like any additional outfit details, please tweet me or leave a comment!

Thank you for reading!

R x

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