Podcasts you should listen too.



So, if you follow our wee blog on social media you may know that I have recently embarked on a relocation with work from Newcastle to the stunning city of Edinburgh.

However, having not moved into our house yet, I am currently experiencing a 2 hour commute. I know.

I was really conscious that for the few weeks I was going to be doing this hefty commute I wanted to do some productive with my time; whether that was read a book or doing some work on the blog…

Then I discovered Podcasts!

I remember venturing into Podcasts when I was given an iPod Touch in Christmas 2009. However, the market for Podcasts seems to have absolutely exploded in the last couple of years! There are podcasts for every taste and passion; from serial killers to interior design!!

I’ve noted a couple of my favourites below! Let me know if you have listened to any of these or there are any you like also!!

1. At Home With… (Lily Pebbles and Anna Newton)


As a wee fan girl of Zoella, I came across this podcast by searching specifically for Zoe’s episode!

If you love interior design or just interiors in general (or you want to hear about the houses of the people you love/admire), this podcast will be perfect for you!

Lily and Anna have made the most laid back, cosy podcast where they essentially pop to the homes of people from the aforementioned Zoe Sugg too Liz Earle and one of my personal favourites, Lisa Eldridge.

Lily and Anna do such a good job of describing the rooms they are in and how the subject of their podcast has come to settle of that design or that particular cushion or how their life experiences have influenced their design and the interior of their home.

The episodes range for around 50-60 minutes and are perfect, chilled, easy-listening. Perfect to pop on when you are in the bath or going for a long walk and to completely relax too. Lily and Anna are so happy and positive in their podcasts and I am reaaaaaally hoping that they do a Season 2!

Let me know if you have listened to any of these amazing podcasts and which are you love!

2. Daring Fire Ball: The Talk Show with John Gruber (John Gruber)


John Gruber’s conversational/interview based podcast the Daring Fireball: The Talk Show focuses on a few main themes, on which being technology.

There is one particular episode of the Talk Show podcast which I absolutely love and I have listened too multiple times. In Episode 15 of The Talk Show, John interviews chemical engineer and Vice President of Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives, Lisa Jackson.

Lisa is one of the most articulate and brilliant women and John does a fantastic job of digging in to her views around her time in the Obama administration to the work she does with Apple and their Retail Stores to get to 100% renewable energy and a ‘closed loop’ manufacture of the iPhone.

She is beyond woman/boss goals and she has the most soft and gentle voice (which matters doing a podcast right?), but it is the connection and depth of which Lisa and John explore the realms of environmental practice, the impact of President Trump and what you can do to help through the iPhone you are most likely reading this on!

Have a listen, you wont regret it!


3. The WDW Radio Show – Hosted by Lou Mongello (Lou Mongello)

Remember that iPod Touch I got for Christmas in 2009? That was also the year I discovered Lou Mongello and what was then the ‘Disney In a Minute’ podcast!

Since then I have been an avid fan of Walt Disney World author and content creator Lou Mongello.

This Walt Disney World based podcasts dives into the history of the Disney parks, some brilliant trivia, vacation planning, tips, advice and special guests!

If you are a Walt Disney World fan or you are planning a trip to Walt Disney World or just wanna immerse yourself in the brilliant, magical world of Disney, this Podcast will be perfect for you!


Do you have a Podcast that you love? Let me know if you have listened to any of the Podcasts I have listed above!

Speak soon


R x





10 Replies to “Podcasts you should listen too.”

  1. I’ve wanted to get in to podcasts for so long now, this has really reminded me to get on with it. It seems a lot more relaxing than watching YouTube and it’s better than staring at a screen for ages. Also love your writing style!
    Zara xx


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