A few of my Favourite Things…

Blog time. 


In the last couple of months I have been out and about visiting different countries and experimenting with lots of new products, Beauty items and other bits so….I thought it would be nice to sit down and go through a few of my favourite things!!! 

Beauty, Skin Care and Make Up….

Smashbox Studio Skin Face Shaping Foundation Stick – £29.50 

Whilst on holiday in Florida, I visited several Sephora’s. Whilst in Fort Lauderdale I discovered what is, and I am not even being dramatic here, the BEST foundation and contour stick for people with oily skin. 

Last weekend, I had a three very long days where I wore this foundation from 8am application to 11pm removal and it did not budge. It’s SO nice to apply. Definitely a mid-Coverage and blends beautiful when used with a stippling or dense kabuki brush. 

Please let me know if you try this and your thoughts but I LOVED it! 

Kiehls Deep Pore Earth Cleanser – £19.00 

This is an old favourite that I just keep going back to! 

I originally heard of Kiehls on a trip to New York with my mum in 2008. I wasn’t massively into skincare, so when a store opened locally around 2013, I immediately tried the lie products. 

The clay, gritty texture of this wash means that skin is washed if any dirt and feels so clean and fresh after a whole day of wearing make up. 

An oldie. A goodie. An absolute fave. 

Clean and Clear Deep Cleansing Lotion For Sensitive Skin – £4.99 

What I am gonna say here is weird….but stay with me. 

This after-cleanse wash is like mouthwash…for your face. 

You know that feeling when you spit out mouthwash and you can go like ‘oooooh’ with your mouth because it feels like fresh and minty…THIS IS THIS FOR YOUR ACTUAL FACE. 

Please try it and see what I mean! 

Anyway, when you’ve got a spot, dampen your cotton wool ball with this and you joe on your face. Spots = gone. Skin = clear. 

Home Ware….

Anthropology Glasses 

We were bought these beautiful glasses as a wedding gift from a friend. 

We have our initials and from the actual feel of the glass to the beautiful pattern on the front, these are our absolute favourite. 

Suitable for juice, wine, water and so on. 

Copper Baskets 

We are currently in the motions of moving to a house in the countryside which means I am raising Primark’s Home department!!! 

On my travels the other day I came across these cute little copper baskets, perfect for putting bathroom bits in or for storage on your desk! 

£3.00 also! Bargain! 

Other things….

Thank You Notes 

I love the feeling of getting a card. Especially a one that you don’t expect when it comes through your letter box! 

So, I’ve been making a real habit recently of giving thank you notes when people have either helped me out with something or just to tell them how appreciative I am of them. 

It feels amazing just to say a little thank you ❤️

Coffee Shops 

I feel like there’s something really personal and amazing about taking yourself off to a coffee shop with a book, your laptop or just to sit and enjoy the people watching. 

Sometimes, with how busy we ALL are, we need this time. An hour in the week where I can sit and just enjoy our surrounds and have a bit of peace and quiet. 

On the last point also, as we venture into dark nights, dark mornings and colder weather, remember to find the things that make you feel content and cosy 🍁🍂 although my feels coming from having some me-time in a coffee shop, yours could be smashing the gym or cleaning your house…the choice is yours! 

Let me know what you’ve been loving recently, I love reading all your posts! 

Speak soon! 

R x 

19 Replies to “A few of my Favourite Things…”

  1. I’ve been wanting to try a stick foundation for just about forever, but I am genuinely so worried that it’ll smudge easy, and just disappear from my face, which is obviously not what I want.. This one sounds incredible though! 😍

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Anthropologie has the absolute loveliest housewares! This post reminds me that I have coasters from there stashed somewhere in my apartment…gotta dig those out! And that foundation sounds so wonderful and easy to apply, too. I’ve been lazy about makeup lately but that seems like one I could handle!


    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi! I’m new, I’m here from twitter and I loved your post because it makes me wanna go shopping ahah I’ve read so many good reviews the foundation that I have to buy it ASAP! also your rose gols baskes are so cute ❤️ and I’m now following your blog xx -M


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