New: Oliver Bonas, Jesmond 

Oliver Bonas, yay! 

Since my recent trip/haul in the beautiful Oliver Bonas store in York (see post here) I was absolutely thrilled to discover that a store had opened just outside of Newcastle in Jesmond! 

The store is on Acorn Road, a rough 4-5 minute walk from West Jesmond metro is station and it tucked on a cute little corner adjacent to Tesco Extra! 

On the front of the store windows, was the above little Swedish proverb that I thought was just too cute not to take a picture of! 

I did not go in to store for anything in particular, but as usual, got swept away in a sea of pastels, marble and rose gold. 

Unlike the store in York, the Jesmond store is just one floor, but is equipped with dressing rooms and features a clothing, home and accessories section! 

I’ve snapped a few of my favourite displays below! 

The thing I absolutely adore about Oliver Bonas is that although the things are super quirky and gorgeous, it does not come with the price tag of some of the more indie boutiques that I have visited in the past. 

The clothing reminds me of a merge of Zara and COS, a lovely blend of basics, dresses and work attire that you can mix and match. 

The home ware is really where the store comes to life! What can sometimes feel like a more sophisticated version of Urban Outfitters, means that Oliver Bonas can feature marble espresso cups, Rose gold Initial lettering and coloured glassware without being in your face and shouting about being different/extra! 

So, what did I purchase I hear you ask? 

Yes, it’s basic but smells amazing! 

I needed a wee replenishment for my bathroom and I was won over by the fresh, natural smell of this soap. And by the marble featured on the design. Everything is just so damn pretty in that store!!! 

My second purchase was a little more substantial! The Nina Wide Handle Tote was all of 39.50 English pounds! 

It feels Devine. A soft, leather like material covers the bag and it is literally big enough for anything (I think even my 13″ Mac Book Air would like to take up residence!!) 

However, what made this bag truly irresistible was the detachable clutch on the inside! I essential for two beautiful black bags, for £39! I will be using the detachable clutch as a make up bag to replace my worn Bloomingdales Little Brown Cosmetic bag! 

The store is reletaively new but was up and running smoothly! I had no problems in the store and it was pretty quiet at around 10.30am! 

However because of the new store opening I did score a wee freebie in the shape of a Oliver Bonas canvas tote celebrating the opening of the Jesmond store! 

I love these types of bags and find them super useful for when I am off to the gym or running to the supermarket real quick! 

So I will definitely be revisiting here and I am SO happy that we now have an Oliver Bonas near Newcastle!!! 

Go and visit and let me know what goodies you pick up along the way! ❤️
R x 

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