Out and About in Newcastle

The sun is out, yay!

On Saturday just gone, my family and I went for a lovely day out in Newcastle. I live and work in this city every single day, but we chose to walk around, basking in the glorious sunshine as we went and take in some of the beautiful architecture and scenery.


First off, we got to the Hancock Museum for opening! The museum is absolutely amaaaaaaazing!! It has the coolest exhibits all about animals, local history including lots about Hadrian’s Wall….AND A T-REX!

If you are in Newcastle, I would highly recommend visiting here. It is free to get in but as always, it’s nice to leave a wee donation.

After that we walked from the Hancock, all the way down past Monument, towards Grey Street and on to the Quayside via St Nicholas Cathedral (take a minute to look at the Stain Glass window!)



The weather came through for us this weekend in a big way! Walking down towards the Quayside it was 29 degrees, it was actually like being on holiday!


After our little wander through Newcastle, we decided that we were hungry and that we were going to walk back through Newcastle and head to the infamous Wylam Brewery.

With the Town Moor (a large fair that comes to Newcastle every June) being in town, we didn’t know how busy it would be. However, Exhibition Park was living its best life and the Brewery was amazing (as was their G&T)

Also, look at these adorable ducklings that were in the lake on Exhibition Park!



All in all, we had the nicest day out. It was so good to walk around the city I live in, almost like a tourist. I loved being able to take in all the incredibly buildings and have some beautiful drinks at Wylam Brewery (I will definitely be heading back!)

Enjoy the sun!

R x




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