Lifestyle – ‘Let it Go’

Healthy eating, yay!

Good Evening All!
Lately, I have been pretty stressed and it has moved me to make a mantra that I have to stick to.

Let it go. 

I, like many of you, will spend too much time fussing and focusing on the things in life that are far out of my control.

During a recent at home yoga session (which I do with Yoga with Adriene, SHE’S AMAZING!, more about her below!) she encouraged to speak a mantra during an exercise and I chose let it go. Elsa, eat your heart out.

In line with my new ‘you only get one spin’ attitude, I am now taking my physical and mental health proactively via healthy eating and exercise.

Also, as I type this I am in the grip the ‘time of the month’. My skin is having my actual life. I feel bloated and I’m just feeling a wee bit sorry for myself!

However, fear not! In relation to all of my changes,  I have been eating incredibly healthily, moving to more of a plant based diet, cutting out old favourites such an cows milk in place of plant-based alternatives.

Disclaimer: I found some AMAZING deals on Almond and Cashew milk and other great things such as Matcha powders and Chia seeds in my local Aldi. So cheap. All great ingredients, very cool! 

So lately there have been a couple of things I have been doing to try and de-stress, maintain and healthy and happy body and generally take more care of myself! I’ve noted a couple below…

Na’maste in Bed! 

I’ve done Yoga before. In large classes at my local gym on a mat that like 10000 other people have used before.

This week, that wasn’t really my vibe. I turned on YouTube, typed in Relaxing Yoga and up popped a channel called Yoga with Adriene. Oh my god. 

Adriene is phenomenal. I literally did 3 Yoga tutorials on a towel, in my front room, in my comfy pants.
She has the most soothing voice and encourages you not to look at the video, but to find your inner calm and acknowledge the feelings that bubble to the surface. Aknowledge what you feel and then use the breathing and stretching exercises as a coping mechanism. It works, honest! Please check it out!

Meal Prep! 

On Monday, rather subconsciously whilst flicking through my busy schedule for the week, I made my way to the kitchen and became to prep my meals for the week.

Having just done a large shop, I had a ton of fresh fruit and veg to wizz into smoothies, acai bowls and salads.

It had saved me lots of time this week and has actually stopped me heading for carb type foods like pasta…

Bombs of BiCarb 

Last week, my close friend Jonathan bought me a beautiful gift from Lush, which featured 6 large bath bombs all in different beautiful flavours.

This has led to me having more baths and taking a lot more time toady and have a wee soak and enjoy a nourishing bath bomb or bubble bar. It’s a small luxury which makes a lot of difference!!!

What do you do to chill out or de-stress?

Keep in touch and I will speak to you soon!


14 Replies to “Lifestyle – ‘Let it Go’”

  1. I’ve heard of The yoga with Adriene before but never seen it or researched into it! I also find that plant based foods make me feel so much better x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. They’re judging starting to open Aldis around here, and I’ll have to go! Matcha is my favorite thing ever!

    Whenever I get all worked up, my dad always reminds me to keep it in perspective, which helps me to let the little things go. So I really like your mantra!!



    1. Oh my god, I love that!!! Your dad definitely know whats up haha! Are you using matcha throughout your pregnancy? xx


  3. I loved this! I’ve always wanted to try doing more yoga but I’m not keen on a class with so many people so I think I’ll give the videos a go instead. I also love the relaxing bath idea. I’ve been obsessed with lush lately.


  4. My diet is such a shambles at the moment, I really need to get into the habit of meal planning and eating more healthily! I adore Yoga with Adrien, it is great being able to do such productive yoga practices in the comfort of your own home and she is an amazing teacher.

    Kirsty | The Monday Project |


  5. I used to do yoga all the time and found it helped me to sleep much better. It started off with 5 minutes meditation before stretching and all of it done with lights off and sat on your bed so as soon as you’re done you just slink under the covers and sleep.
    I’ll definitely take a look at Adrienne though!


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