Travel – Geneva, Switzerland

City breaks, yay!

My fiance and I took a trip out to this beautiful part of Switzerland and had the most amazing time. Geneva is a stunning city in Switzerland that is sponsored by stunning scenery including Lake Geneva and the Alps.

It also is the home of some of the most incredible shopping, the Headquarters of Europe’s United Nations and much more. If I could narrow down Geneva into a couple of words it would be these; watches, chocolate, expensive, beautiful (and literally a bloggers dream for pictures!)

As a side note, we travelled from Newcastle to Geneva direct from Newcastle in the most handy direct flight for a long weekend. The flights were literally £30.00 each with EasyJet. I KNOW. 

Check out what we experienced below!


The scenery here is no joke. We stayed at a hotel adjacent to Gare Cornavin which is Geneva’s main railway station and perfectly placed; close to the city centre. You can see Lake Geneva and The Alps from here, as well as the majority of Geneva city centre.

I would definitely recommend picking your hotel around here if you are looking for a less-pricey option than staying in the city centre (trust me, it gets ££££).


Get yourself into the city centre, but not the shopping districts or the watch stores, get in the authentic streets of Geneva.  As much as I wanted to ogle in the windows of Piaget watches I will never ever afford, a few miles up a slightly inclined road and you reach the real beauty of Geneva.

Geneva’s Old Town is ‘Geneva’s Old Town, in French called Vieille Ville, is an ancient maze of small streets and picturesque squares, filled with homey cafés, restaurants, galleries, museums and historical sights, lined by historical buildings adorned with beautiful masonry facades.’ This was my favorite place to visit on our trip, as it was as quintessential as you could imagine a Swiss town to be.

The buildings are incredible, so beautiful. Everything is absolutely pristine, like there is not one piece of rubbish anywhere!


Paul and I love to experience local culture when we can and genuinely love to experience museums or tours if we can. Geneva is home to the United Nations office in the Palais de Nations. 

The building itself is absolutely stunning; all white brick and marble with some of the most manicured landscaping I had ever seen.

The tour lasted about 3-4 hours and was incredibly interesting. In groups of around 10-15 you can walk, accompanied by your own tour guide, who will tell you all about the amazing people who have been in the rooms and the important decisions that have been made. I would fully recommend doing this as part of your trip!

A quick word of advice for Geneva? Be ready to walk or at least use public transport to get around.

I swear my Apple Watch did not know what was going on when I suddenly started walking 10 miles a day, but there is so much to see in this beautiful country including the De Jardin Botanique and the Jet D’Eau (the large fountain in Geneva), and what better way to see it by just strolling around and taking it all in.

Like I have said earlier, Geneva is genuinely one of the most beautiful places I have ever been and I will for sure be going back! Your turn!





One Reply to “Travel – Geneva, Switzerland”

  1. I can’t believe the flights were £30!!!! No excuse not to go!
    I keep seeing posts on Geneva and it looks beautiful.
    Definitely on my bucket list. thanks for sharing!

    hayley //


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