Beauty – A wee Boots Haul


For what feels like the first time in a long time, I went to my local Boots store in Eldon Square, Newcastle and spent a good amount of time having a hunt around all the make-up/skincare counters.

I was looking for a bit of a shake up to my normal routine. All the things below are replacements for things that are now empty and those that I am happy to try new labels, ingredients and generally new products!

Usually when I pop to Boots, its on a lunch time when I need to pop in and get a meal-deal and a sneaky bottle of deodorant or micellar water. However, my mum and I spent the best part of an hour hunting around for some new beauty and skincare picks!


  1. Simple Oil Balancing Exfoliating Wash – £4.19

I was on the hunt for a new exfoliator since my beloved La Roche Posay has just finished! I used to breakout when wearing Simple but my skin seems to have learned to love it, so I am super excited to wear this. What initially drew me to this product was the claim that it ‘controls shine’ as opposed to ‘mattifies’. I still like my skint o have a natural glow, but a gentle exfoliator gets rid of that dead skin thing – I am not about that dead skin life.

The back of the product states that it has Witch Hazel, Zinc PCA (which I’m hoping is good!) and Vitamin B5.

I am gonna try this out over the next couple of days and see how we get on! I sometimes find that a harsh exfoliator either causes me to break out and feels like the equivalent of skin turpentine. I hope this work!

2. L’Oréal Skin Expert: Fine Flowers Milk for Dry/Sensitive Skin – £3.99

I have to start this section with a disclaimer…I was drawn to this product because of the beautiful pastel pink bottle. Well done L’Oreal, it does really work. And the fact that it the product is called Fine Flowers Milk and that actually sounds like the most beautiful thing to put on your face, ever.

ANYWAY, I have used the L’Oreal Extraordinary Facial Cleansing Oil for about 3-4 years. The thing I love most about the product is the ability to pump it into my hand, rub it all over my face, see my make up pretty much melt off my face and then wipe away with the fannel. Anything that easy is pretty much a staple of my skincare routine! BUT in an attempt to shake things up a bit, the Fine Flowers milk claims to do the same thing in removing make up, cleansing and nourishing the skin with Rose and Jasmine.

This product is super cost effective for a 400 ml bottle which L’Oreal claims to be ‘large size’. I hope with all of my skincare force that this has the same effect as my Extraordinary Oil! I also tried a bit of this on my hand in Boots and it smelled by devine.

3. Rimmel London ‘Volume Shake’ Mascara – £6.99 (usually £8.99)

So, I saw this on TV and had no idea what it was/what it did! Essentially, when you shake the bottle of mascara it sounds similar to when you shake a spray paint can! The bearing inside moves the mascara so that, stay with me here, the mascara stays clump free on every single application.

Apparently, it stops the mascara from drying out, I guess only time will tell!! Anyway, I promise to do a review on this when I try it out!

4. Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in Fair 1 and Ultimate Wear Powder in 02 Medium – £3.99/£3.99 

I have to admit, the Lasting Perfection concealer was a re-purchase, just in a different colour! I LOVE THIS CONCEALER SO MUCH. I made the little mistake of purchasing the wrong color the first couple of times, going in with 02 which didn’t give me the desired illuminating under eye effect that I wanted from the concealer.

However, having swatched the concealer in Boots, 01 Fair looks perfect and I can’t wait to use it. The consistency and long lasting recipe is my absolute favourite!

I have never used the powder before but I have just ran out of my NYX matte powder. Because my skin really isn’t too bad, day-to-day I wear concealer and powder only as a base. It claims to have 16 hour wear and can be used in conjunction with the concealer as a duo. Lets see if it can tackle my Mount Everest that is my horrifically shiny T-Zone.

5. Olay Lightweight Day Fluid SPF15 – £2.99 (usually £5.99)

Since I was born, my mum has sworn by Olay fluids. She looks incredible for nearly 60 and genuinely puts down her good skin too using the original Olay fluids both day and night.

The fluid I have purchased from Boots is specifically for normal/oily skin and when I open the bottle it smells like my mum (which I love!). The consistency of the fluid is beautiful, it is incredibly soft and glides on to skin. I love that the fluid has an SPF of 15 also with a specific UV Protection called SolaSheer; protecting against environmental ‘aggressors’ such as  UV and traffic.

As we transition into Spring/Summer this will be the perfect day cream as it isn’t too heavy at all is super fast absorbing into skin. Having just ran out out of Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturier, I am very excited to incorporate this into my routine.

And that is everything!! I can’t wait to try some of these products out and let you know what I think. Let me know if you are particularly enjoying anything at the moment or any producst you have swapped for new alternatives!







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