Lifestyle – Riding Mill Adventure

Weekends off, yay! 

As a sort of New Years resolution, my fiancé and I made a pact to get out and about as much as we could when we had time off together. 

So, when I experienced the absolute pleasure of a weekend off recently; something which is a rare occurrence in my chosen career, we decided to head to the TyneDale countryside for a Winter Walk. 

We started on the train from Newcastle Central (sponsored by a Greggs sausage roll and a Caffè Nero Americano)  on a Corbridge bound train. 

Heading for Riding Mill, we initially passed through the city, onwards to the Metro Centre and then onto the increasingly more rural scenes of Wylam and then Riding Mill. 

I have documented where we ended up below through pictures!! 

After a very steep incline and through some of the most stunning houses I have ever seen, we started up a wide fell. It was still super frosty under foot, but it did make for some gorgeous pictures. 

After walking up here a little further we stumbled across a surprise find…

A six legged horse…

The hike was 6 mile in all, over fell’s, through woods and passed the most gorgeous little becks and brooks. 

We were initially going to walk to Corbridge but the sun was setting and it was getting a little colder than we would’ve liked. So instead we set off on road, the 1 3/4 mile walk back too Riding Mill to catch the train to Newcastle. 

The train service through Riding Mill is pretty infrequent, usually around a train ever hour. We got to the station with about an hour to spare so popped into local pub, The Wellington for a little drink before heading back. 

All in all from of our front door back we did around 10 mile and over 20,000 steps (as calculated via my handy Apple Watch). 

All we could say to each other all day was how beautiful the scenery had been and how amazing it was to just stroll through the unspoiled landscape together. 

It was freezing and yes, there are no toilets in the countryside but there is a certain satisfaction to think that you have hiked a good ten miles!!! 

We are looking forward to planning our next walk! 

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