Photography – A Cold Morning in Tynemouth

Cold mornings, boo!

But, the cold winter mornings do lend themselves well to creating beautiful morning skies full of grey, blue and pinks; the kind of sky you only get on a winter morning.

I took myself off to Prior’s Haven this morning, a small enclave next to the Spanish Battery in Tynemouth. This particular locations lends itself to incredible views of the North & South Piers, Tynemouth Priory and Collingwood’s Monument.

I do always find myself however, drawn to shooting the Piers. The wide expanse of sea in the middle changes depending on the sky that day and reflects the water in strange and surreal ways.

This morning was a typical January, grey. However, my camera and subsequent edit of the photos picked up the almost aqua blue coming through in the sky and the soft, subtle pink of a sunrise, somewhere!

Enjoy the pictures below and let me know what you think!


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