Lifestyle – Creating a ‘Space’ 

Office goals, yay!

When you live with someone, it’s natural to share a lot of your space together. However, in recent days I’ve found myself poring over the ‘Home Office’ inspiration section of Pinterest, a la…

I found myself lusting for the smart storage options, quirky bookshelf arrangements and space for my Mac, new printer and camera!

Living in a two bedroom flat, it’s not like I’ve got a choice of the East or West Wing to design around, so I decided to utilise our ‘spare room’ into a little office.

Our spare room has essentially become a storage for clothes, washing and was up until a few weeks ago, the Christmas present hiding place. Using existing bits of furniture dotted around the flat, I created this…

Having this space has been so useful over the last couple of days. Whether it’s a space to come and write a couple of blog posts, put my make up on…I’ve even caught my fiancé sitting doing a bit of work at the desk!!

It’s definitely got my interior design cogs turning, prompting a quick trip to Ikea a few days ago to buy some new storage solutions!

Let me know if you’ve done a home office and how you’ve decorated it!

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