Lifestyle – Candle Haul

Candles, yay! 

Has your mum ever said to you ‘you can’t have candles in your bedroom in car you start a fire!’ 

My mum did! So, when I got my own place two years ago, I soon realised that having a candle in every room does something for me. Whether it’s the smell of a candle or the fact I feel like I’m hygge-ing when the I can see the flickering flame, I love them. 

When I get in of an evening, I tend to spend a couple of minutes lighting all my candles and turning the reeds in my diffusers so that my flat smells lovely and looks so cosy when I settle for the night. 

I got a shed ton of candles for Christmas as people becoming increasingly aware of my love for them! I’ve listed my favourites below!

Yankee Candle ‘Pain Au Raisin’ Large Jar 

I managed to find this candle for the absolute bargain price of £13 at my local Collectables in Newcastle, just before Christmas! Due to its size it has burnt really evenly allowing it too burn for ages and the smell is super potent.  

Think freshly baked bread with the sweet fruity smell of raisins. This has been a favourite over the cold winter months, when the curtains are closed and you can smell the rich smell wafting in the room! So lovely! 

Yankee Candle ‘Ebony & Oak’ Medium Jar 

This was a Christmas present from my fiancé and it was not a fragrance I was familiar with in the Yankee family! 

It sounds silly but this has a really earthy scent and smells (sometimes) like a musky men’s aftershave! This candle has patchouli in it so is incredibly relaxing when lit. Definitely a good choice for living rooms or bedrooms! 

Tore Fragranced Candles 

Up until Christmas I had never heard of Tore candles! My parents bought me a set of Tore’s which I found out where from Costco. 

The pack of four came with all different scents including Grapefruit & Lime, Rose and an Oud candle which I’m saving until last (Oud is my fave!). 

These candles would be brilliant as individual gifts as the all come with their own beautiful packaging and reappliable lid! The candles have a burning time of 50 hours which is great for anyone who likes to put a candle on and just let it burn… 

The Grapefruit and Lime candle featured is the only one I have opened so far, whilst I savour all the others. The smell is super fresh and fruity, perfect for a bathroom! 

Motto Candles

I was given this candle as a stocking filler and thought it was worth mentioning as I have a couple of these dotted round my house! 

I call these ‘motto candles’ as they have the cutest wee messages on them and I think they look so cute on a window sill or a mantle piece. 

I will never light these! For the main reason that they don’t smell and I love candles to will my room with their beautiful smells, but also because I don’t want to ruin the beautiful look of the candle. 

Unfortunately I do not know where this candle is from but you can get them on the likes of Etsy and other similar websites! 
Please let me know what your favourite candles are and where you like to put them! 


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