Photography – Sunrise by the Pier

Sunrises, yay!

I seem to have the inability too sleep in. The leads to being awake at like, 6am on days off. Normally, this would be super annoying. However, one morning over Christmas I peeped out my curtains to see a bone-dry, cold and crisp winters day and the sun was about 30 minutes away from rising.

Jumped out of bed, clothed, grabbed my camera, grabbed my fiancè, grabbed by car keys, drove to the beach.

Living in Tynemouth certainly has its benefits. Being so close to the sea has the benefit of killer sunrises and this day did not disappointed. I have popped the slow rise of the sun below and a wee surprise from our friends at DFDS…

Again, all pictures are shot on a Nikon Coolpix B500.



Regardless of how cold it gets, it’s more than worth it too see such an amazing site right on our own door steps!


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