Beauty Review – Nude proGenius Firming Youth Oil

I have another beauty favourite to share with you, yay!

Again, during my wee raid of the Space-NK beauty counter, I found myself in search of a oil for my face!

I naturally have incredibly oily skin and would never have expected a skin oil to work for me. However, I was bought Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate a little while back I was a convert from then on! As a disclaimer, I will say that I prefer any oil I can apply on a nighttime as putting anything oily on my face would allow for my make up to slide off!!!

Like the Emma Hardin balm, I had heard of but never tried anything by the company Nude. A quick google of the company in Space-NK told me that they were focus on ‘feeding’ the skin through a nutritional mix of omegas, minerals and vitamins via their skin care!

The little sliver bottle is the perfect size from travel (30ml) and the amber liquid inside has a really earthy, spa like smell, which is amazing.

After my normal skin cleansing routin, I pop a few drops into my palm, rub together to warm and then pat around my face. The best thing about this oil is that it does not feel wet or look like you’ve been dipped in oil!

I love sleeping in this facial oil as the ingredients that include omegas 3, 5, 6, 7 & 9, prickly pear, peacock’s tail algae, passion fruit and acai give the oil a soothing smell and help for a perfect nights sleep!

The 30ml bottle is usually 15GBP and can be bought on most beauty sites or in select beauty retailers.

I am a complete oil-convert and will keep using this as a preventative aging measure for my skin!

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