Photography – Jesmond Dene

1st post, yay!

Over Christmas I was lucky enough to receive a new camera from my mum and dad; The Nikon CoolPix B500. The camera is the perfect size for my little adventures and because I don’t require any super-duper lenses, its an amazing little ‘point-and-shoot’.

So, today on my day off I headed to Jesmond Dene in Newcastle. It feels like a distant relation too New York’s Central Park; being a large expanse of green in the middle of a city centre.

On a typical 2 degree winters day in Newcastle, I popped out for a wander. The lighting was the beautiful and stark type that only comes with a low winter sun. Peeping through the trees and emphasising all the bare trees.

I have popped some of the pictures I have taken below…




Jesmond Dene also has a miniature Petting Zoo called Pets Corner where you can see Sheep, Hens and a Peacock.

If you are interested in visiting, have a wee look at their website

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